About Us

Aguinaldo Recruitment Agency, Inc. recruits, trains, and places many types of workers from the Philippines in full and part-time positions around the globe.

We have experience working with small & large employers in Skilled Nursing, Hospitals, Assisted Living, Orthopedic and Rehabilitation clinics, Home Health, Dementia/Alzheimer’s Care, and Mental Health. We match the needs of our clients with qualified applicants.

Our Story

In 2005, Rose Policarpio was the Director of Nursing for United Methodist Homes & Services in Chicago, USA.  Needing nurses to fill her 102-bed Skilled Nursing facility, Rose knew her home country, the Philippines, had thousands of nurses who wanted to work in the United States. Rose forged a business relationship with an Immigration Attorney, and UMH&S sponsored a small group to evaluate the effectiveness of the plan to have the nurses work for her. Six months later, the first group arrived in the U.S. 

United Methodist was so impressed with the achievement that they sponsored more until the Philippine government shared that the limit of direct hiring per company had been reached, and that the nurses would need to be processed through a licensed, Philippines-based recruitment company.  From that necessity, Rose built Aguinaldo Recruitment, Inc. in partnership with United Methodist. In the eighteen years since its founding, Aguinaldo Recruitment has sponsored and deployed hundreds, if not thousands, of nurses to United Methodist and its non-profit partners across 20 States.

Our Mission is Simple

Provide outstanding customer service while matching qualified candidates with our hiring clients for complete satisfaction for everyone.

Please contact us to discuss how our great staff & expertise can be of help to you.