Frequently Asked

Aguinaldo Recruitment Agency, Inc. aims to provide outstanding customer service to both our qualified healthcare candidates and our hiring clients guaranteeing complete satisfaction for everyone.

Find common questions we encounter from our healthcare recruits below.

Aguinaldo Recruitment is primarily hiring registered nurses; however, we also staff nursing assistants, physical therapists, lab techs, domestic helpers, and other healthcare professionals upon the requests of our clients in the U.S. 

Aguinaldo Recruitment is a Philippines-based recruitment company located in Manila, the capital of the Philippines. As of 2023, the majority of our healthcare professionals are recruited from the Philippines. However, as of late 2022, Aguinaldo has opened offices in Africa, and we are hiring both Nurses and Caregivers/Nursing Assistants.

Our team will help professionals in preparing for their NCLEX, their English proficiency exams, and the processing of required documents.
To be recruited for our US-based Partners, healthcare professionals must possess

  • Educational Equivalency to US Standards.  
  • English proficiency verified by examination.    
  • US Licensure Examination including the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX). We offer free NCLEX review.

Yes – but clinical experience during college coursework qualifies, as does recent volunteer experience. We welcome recent graduates and current students to apply.

Applications are filed online or at our office in Manila. Following the completed application, one of our staff members will contact you to help you understand the steps and requirements. We make the process easy. 

We will have recruitment specialists assigned to help you complete every step of the immigration process. They will notify you of what files are necessary to complete and will assist you in processing your VISA application.

Due to changing policies and legislation, we are not able to guarantee a specific time frame that your visa petition will be filed and/or approved in. We aim to complete the immigration process in as little as 9 months and collaborate with our legal team to make the process a smooth and reliable one. Please contact the Aguinaldo office for recent updates.

Aguinaldo will not charge you any fees – but there are some small fees that you will need to pay directly to service providers, including a medical exam. Your Aguinaldo team members will inform you as to any & all costs before you sign anything. You will not be required to pay for airfare, legal fees, placement fees and some other costs.

Yes, our recruitment specialists stay in contact with our hired professionals to make sure they are adapting and happy in their new roles and environment. 
Our Illinois-based partner agency, United Methodist Healthcare Recruitment, provides free housing for the first two months post-arrival in America. UMHR staff will assist nurses in registering for additional documents like their social security card, provide the choice of Medical, Dental, and Vision benefits, and issue your paychecks.

Our partner agency, United Methodist Healthcare Recruitment, has clients in over 18 states – so there are many potential placement sites. Your initial adjustment period may take place in Chicago, Illinois or your new workplace may provide housing onsite in their State.  

Yes, we encourage our healthcare professionals to bring their spouses and/or children with them. To assist professionals in this process, Aguinaldo Recruitment will help with filing eligible family members’ visa petitions. The associated visa filing fees will be due retrospectively. We do ask that you wait 6 months to bring your family members so that you can become adjusted to your new life first.

If the relationship between the client and the healthcare professional is not satisfactory, then UMHR assists the healthcare professional in finding a replacement role with a new client.

Please contact us to start your journey towards the American Dream.